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Zylie's Adventure on the Silk Road


Zylie's Adventure on the Silk Road


Zylie and her little brother Theo have set out on another adventure, this time to the other side of the world from their Aunt Willa’s apartment in New York City! While in China, they meet their new friend and guide Shen, a panda from Chengdu. Zylie and Theo accompany Shen on his mission to explore his country and bring back something special to his village. The three bears have a wild adventure, crossing paths with the Terracotta Warriors, walking the Great Wall of China, and seeing the Lantern Festival. The only question is where will they end up next?

Zylie is a young kodiak bear from Manhattan who, along with her brother Theo, goes on adventure after adventure around the world, meeting new friends along the way! Zylie loves science, but has a knack for fashion. Her little brother Theo is allergic to EVERYTHING, and always seems to be getting into trouble. Shen loves martial arts, and dreams of being a famous rock & roll drummer. Join them on their worldwide adventure!

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